FrieslandCampina Offices – Ghent

At the Belgian headquarters of dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina, statements of brand experience and identity are one with the sustainable interior.

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Et si le temps du parking intelligent était enfin venu?

Vue en plein écran

Le besoin de places de parkings pour recharger son véhicule pourrait booster le smartparking. 

La technologie permettant de trouver une place libre à destination doit aider à la décongestion des villes. Une vieille promesse qui tarde à devenir réalité.

Quand on s'intéresse à la mobilité, un sujet revient sur la table depuis plusieurs années: le parking intelligent. Le concept est large, il va de paiements facilités à une vraie ville de demain où les automobilistes sont dirigés vers des places libres hors voirie.

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TANK The Station Offices – Amsterdam

TANK's The Station in Amsterdam serves as a robust and industrial space offering members of their design team a vibrant and playful destination to call their office.

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Drijvende stad heeft de toekomst

Drijvende steden worden vaak bekeken als utopische denkoefeningen, maar zullen in werkelijkheid aan kustregio’s een cruciale oplossing bieden om de impact van de klimaatverandering op te vangen. Dat zegt onderzoekster Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, sociologe aan de University of Warwick in Groot-Brittannië. Voor Mezza-Garcia is de offshore levensstijl de toekomst. De grootste vragen zijn volgens haar van legale en politieke aard.

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How Your Office Design Can Effect Your Productivity

The working environment you are in can have a huge effect on your productivity. If you work in an office there are plenty of small changes you can make that will impact how well you work for the better. This infographic put together by Allison Lehman, Everygirl, and Intel lists plenty of ways you can change your environment to boost your productivity.

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Cube Law firm office, Antwerp, Belgium

There’s nothing new about dark wood, marble and leather-topped desks in lawyers’ offices, but even the traditional approach does not need to be stuffy.

Dutch law firm Deknudt Nelis wanted its third office – the other two are in Brussels and Kortrijk – to exude honesty and authenticity.

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Wereldprimeur voor Eindhoven: eerste 3D-geprint huis komt eraan

Eindhoven krijgt volgend jaar het eerste bewoonbare betonnen huis dat rechtstreeks uit een printer komt rollen. Dat maakten de vier betrokken bedrijven, de gemeente Eindhoven en de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven bekend.

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De Waterhond, Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Offices are so last decade. Everyone is a free agent now – especially in the so-called creative fields – and telecommutes, works from home, at cafes or in coworking spaces. Not true.

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HANNAH PULLS UP to the curb, opens the doors, and welcomes the kiddo inside. "Hi Milo," Hannah says. "We're headed to Darwin Elementary." Milo is unperturbed. That's where he goes to school, after all.

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WHEN CHICAGO’S JOHN Hancock Center was built in 1965, it required 5 million pounds of aluminum, roughly enough metal to manufacture the equivalent of 96 tour buses.

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Google Maps picks up mapping analytics and visualization startup Urban Engines

Last February, the company launched a self-titled app that brings some key features to mobile mapping – among them speedy computation, an augmented reality mapping mode and the ability to utilize …

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