Custom Spaces creates your company's dream space

Custom Spaces was developed by my firm, Custom Spaces Commercial Real Estate, to help their clients build their dream space.

Jenny Haeg, founder of Custom Spaces, takes the word:

"Over the past few years, we've helped quite a few startups and tech companies find office space in San Francisco. In that time, we found our clients needed a resource to help them discover all of the cool things they could do with their spaces. Somewhere they could be inspired to create a space that fits their unique company culture, and connect with vendors who can bring their ideas to life.

Custom Spaces was built to do just that. It allows people to browse through tens of thousands of office space photos and see which vendors were involved in each project.

The response from our clients so far has been amazing and inspiring for us. We live and breathe commercial real estate, and building something that makes it easier for more companies to create beautiful space, while also allowing the artists of our trade, the architects, designers, and craftsmen, to showcase their amazing work, is incredibly exciting.

As a result we've decided to open Custom Spaces to the entire community. Whether you're an Office Manager, Facilities Director, CEO, Vendor, or you just like to browse through photos of incredible spaces around the world, Custom Spaces was built for you."



Source: Custom Spaces

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