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Designed by international well-known Assar architects  (Nato, Tour Madou), this modern 12-level arrow-shaped crystal building differentiates itself from the global architecture of the district. Its location at the corner of the Boulevard d’ Ypres and Square Sainctelette, makes this building highly visible in Brussels. Brightness and modernity are immediately perceptible from the outside & create a feeling of well-being on the inside. A panoramic terrace on the top floor offers a beautiful view of the city.

Name: Eolis
Location: Square Saintelette 13/15
1000 Brussels

Built in the heart of Brussels and overhanging the canal, Eolis is highly visible and offers many advantages thanks to its unique location. It benefits from services all around: renowned restaurants and hotels, numerous shops and boutiques, fitness center and cultural facilities (Tour et Taxis, City 2, Rue Neuve). This balanced environment, characterized by high rise buildings and traditional Belgian houses, is reinforced by the strategic position between the historical centre and the Dansaert district, a new trendy area. In the vicinity of the business “North district” and the “financial district”, the building profits from a high quality business environment that many international companies have already chosen.

The double-height lobby, designed with light colors and materials, matches with international standing requirements. The angular shape of the building allows daylight to spread everywhere inside and to create a pleasant working environment.
The interior decoration made of glass is modern and particularly bright. The dominant white color within the building illuminates all common and office areas. This elegant and comfortable new-generation building gives everyone a global impression of wellness. 


Sustainable architecture

Sustainability has become an incontrovertible aspect of urban planning. That is why this modern building takes into account the environmental aspect through EPB regulations and HQE certificates. Some examples of Eolis green features:

  • High rate of natural lighting for optimized energy costs
  • Water management system
  • Very good indoor air quality
  • Recyclable waste storage


Wide range of services

They aimed to provide better working conditions and a particularly pleasant office environment for the occupants. This goal goes even beyond the quality and the layouts of the buildings thanks to the 5-Star Services program, which offer an array of services and amenities. The program supports the tenants’ business structure. It acts as an extension of their staff and increases productivity by allowing employees to focus on what they do best. 

The program has a comprehensive personal concierge services that allows the users to fulfill a wide-array of needs:

  • Organization of corporate events
  • Booking of airline tickets, car rentals and hotel accommodations
  • Sending flowers
  • Dry cleaning…

The program may also include additional services in function of the users’ requirements and needs such as:

  • Shared meeting rooms
  • Fitness centre
  • Child day care centre
  • Lounge
  • Shop area
  • Restaurant, cafeteria or food court
  • Personal care
  • A global impression of wellness

Moreover, it is a strategic advantage in retaining and attracting talent and enhancing their life-style.


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