Hotel Flottant / Seine Design

From the architect. Volume and Integration. A piece of Paris on the Seine. The integration of OFF Paris Seine in its environment comes first by the very Parisian expression it proposes. The hotel merges with the city via its right and left banks and the twin hulls of the hotel itself, the river Seine that splits the city, its zinc roofs, and the multiplicity of its services. In many ways OFF Paris is like a floating fragment of the city itself.

An uncluttered and elegant design. OFF Paris Seine presents a simple and uncluttered architecture based on twin hulls strongly connected together, on which two levels of modules are superimposed. The floating facility adopts a discrete line since it respects the regulatory height of 6 m from the water line in order to preserve views on the river. Elegant zinc roofs open facades outward while a central glass roof lets natural light enter at the heart of the building.

Transparency. Despite its imposing size (75m x 18m), the OFF fits perfectly into its environment. If public areas’ facades celebrate volumes’ transparency and minimize screen effect, those dedicated to the hotel’s present a silver-woody coating that naturally mingle with the urban riverbanks background. The shutters, treated in discontinuity, give the facades some relief and vibration.

To preserve the Austerlitz Viaduct. The more we move towards the Austerlitz Viaduct (historical monument), the more spaces become public and transparent. The aft of the building is composed of a terrace built just above the water line, forming a balcony onto the river, and two marina pontoons allow smaller boats to moor alongside. From the swimming pool, the pool’s water line merges with the river, giving an unprecedented view on the Seine and surroundings.

Interior Design. Spatial treatment. On board, all spaces are directly and clearly identifiable by clients. The fluidity of circulation corroborates this dimension. Four gangways enable to organize entries, exits - for customers and suppliers – and give access to different floors and locations in the facility.

River experience. Crossed by the river as Paris is crossed by the Seine, the water is the building’s backbone. Everything has been thought to make the river experience as authentic as possible: the flexibility of the hulls’ articulation to maintain the natural rocking movement, the generous perspectives on the Seine it delivers, the hotel’s projection to 10 m from the riverbanks thanks to gangways, the first floor level designed just above the water line, the port’s integration at the aft. In the evening, the permanent relationship between the facility and the water is magnified by the lighting design work of Franck Franjou.

Style & Materials. The style is globally sober, far away from fads, giving to the building a certain timelessness. We choose noble and sustainable materials to do so: mostly wood, copper, leather, glass and zinc. The colors are mainly copper and hot.

Pictures: © Sergio Grazia

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