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As a reliable partner with years of experience, Key Estate specializes in corporate and industrial properties. Offering a complete follow-up from a to z, we find pride in our client-minded approach.

Targeting mainly businesses and institutions, we specialise in finding THE ideal location and premises, using our experience of the corporate real estate business and our knowledge of project management on the Belgian market.

Also part of our business are a wide portfolio of investment opportunities as well as sale & leaseback operations.

Making comprehensive service and out-of-the-box-thinking our key strengths, our team finds exactly what you need!

Call us: +32 2 420 03 03
Email: info@keyestate.be


Wat mogen we het komende decennium verwachten?

Kledij afprinten via een 3D-printer wordt de norm Als het van Dr. Michio Kaku (foto hierboven), professor van theoretische fysica aan de City Universty van New York en tevens auteur van 'The F…

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