SkylinE40 - Fase II

Name: Skyline40
Location: Korte Keppestraat 19
9320 Aalst

Aalst is an upcoming office location, thanks to its geographical location 20 km west of Brussels. How many days a year are lost in home-work traffic jams ? If you queue daily for 1 hour, you easily loose 25 working days a year, or just the equivalent of the average employee’s holidays ! This reason alone makes it worthwhile to have your offices at SkylinE40, where every day the traffic jam towards Brussels starts.

La place Madou deviendra une esplanade en 2018

Le chantier qui englobe non seulement la place, mais plusieurs axes tels que la chaussée de Louvain, la rue Scailquin, l'avenue de l'Astronomie, et le boulevard Bischoffsheim devrait durer un an e…

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