Stibbe Offices – Amsterdam

Fokkema & Partners have designed the new offices of Dutch law firm Stibbe, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Stibbe, one of the renowned Dutch law firms, moved to a new office. The high-end interior, with a total floor space of 14.000 m2, is designed by Fokkema & Partners. It hosts a variety of dedicated office spaces and more public functions. Besides 450 workplaces wrapped around a spectacular atrium, a unique and inviting signature was developed for the lobby, the auditorium, a coffee bar, a company restaurant, a library and full-service meeting facilities.

From the start of the design the focus was laid on fluidity between spaces, voids, exciting routing and the symbiosis between the interior elements and the building architecture. For the central atrium Fokkema & Partners designed special acoustic panels, reaching the full height of the atrium. The pattern that was developed emphasizes and reflects the buildings impressive steel structure.

The addition of voids, stairs and design with attention to vistas attributed to the sense of openness and the overall accessibility. Due to this, the visitors experience has become a journey through the building in which the view of the central atrium, taken in from very different perspectives, is phenomenal. The shape of the building and its atrium were the biggest design challenge for the team, who were able to unite practical solutions with aesthetics and excepting experience. Vistas are surprising and the view over Amsterdam is amazing.

All this, combined with the high-quality of the overall detailing and the balanced colour-scheme inspired by the 50’s, create an interior that is both warm and comfortable as well as inspiring and at times breath taking.

Design: Fokkema & Partners
Photography: Horizon Photoworks

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