The Best Industries for Starting a Business in 2015

These eight sectors are hotbeds of opportunity for entrepreneurs with the foresight and motivation to take advantage.

The old adage that timing is everything in business is incomplete. When it comes to launching a successful startup, the other crucial ingredient is identifying a new, untapped market opportunity. Breaking into any industry is hard, but certain sectors are particularly ripe for new entrants.

Inc.'s annual look at the best industries for starting a business is based on interviews with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and industry experts, plus reams of the latest research on hot niche sectors. While it's still early days for most of these fields, the first-movers are already well on their way to proving long-term viability. Read on to see where entrepreneurs are laying the groundwork for the fast-growing companies of the future.

  • Fantasy Sports Services
  • Gamification Services
  • Relaxation Beverages
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Legal Marijuana
  • Food E-commerce
  • Public-Sector Technology
  • Agricultural Software


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