Update for BREEAM

A Romanian Romanian sustainable building consultant under the name of Buildgreen (with no link to the Belgian organisation of the same name in Belgium founded by Nathalie Zalcman and Kathleen Iweins), says that this year will bring major changes in the certification of sustainable buildings across the globe. There will be changes to both BREEAM (the method normally used in Belgium) and LEED.

REEAM 2016 brings in stricter environmental requirements but a simplified certification process. The new scheme officially became available on March 21st and as of March 28th (Monday of this week), totally replaces the previous version which will no longer be valid. The update includes certification criteria for new building types such as hotels, schools and universities, and addresses some of the challenges faced by residential buildings, as more and more properties of this type are turning to sustainable building practices.
Energy represents a major element of the new scheme, as the reference standard for energy efficiency was updated and local energy performance standards are now applicable.
The main changes refer to restrictive conditions for indoor air quality, the shift from low and zero carbon requirements to low carbon design and the inclusion of new criteria and credits available for passive design features. Other major changes refer to the responsible sourcing of materials (under BREEAM 2013 this was one of the options), the design for durability and resilience (the scope of this issue was significantly expanded), as well as NOx emissions (the benchmarks were changed to align with the EU’s upcoming Eco-design directive).
BREEAM 2016 has reorganised and partially maintains the introduced in the 2013 version, apart from existing minimal standards. Meeting the prerequisites is mandatory,. Failing to comply with any of main five prerequisites makes it impossible to gain a certificate at all, though a project does not gain any points for meeting them.
The 2016 version continues to put a considerable emphasis on the concept and design phase, which is fundamental to the whole certification process and the whole construction. There are specific requirements to consult all the persons who are directly associated with the development, including neighbours. This information is published by REP.


Source: Pro-Real Estate

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