Uplace finally on the way

Uplace has announced that at the very end of 2016, it was granted a new building permit. This means that the centre is now in possession of all its permits and that building works in Machelen can start in 2017.

The new building permit is a logical continuation of the previous final approval by the Regional Spatial Implementation Plan for the Flemish Strategic Area around Brussels issued in January 2016 and the new environmental permit issued in June 2016. All these decisions confirm the consistent policy used by the Flemish Government with regards to Uplace.

Jan Van Lancker, CEO of Uplace, comments: “Finally, after the eleventh public inquiry, we are able to focus on building our experience centre. Following the demolition of the old industrial buildings and remediation of the soil in 2012, we can now continue our work and start building in 2017. The road infrastructure works are already in progress. If all goes according to plan, we hope to open our doors to the general public in 2019. This is an important decision for everyone, citizens and entrepreneurs, who openly and very transparently follow all laws and procedures. Everyone now knows that, in spite of the very long lead time, the result is there”.

Moving on to the marketing of the centre, Jan Van Lancker goes on to say: “Even before we put the first spade into the ground more than half of the available space has already been leased. The market is clearly convinced that the unique combination of entertainment, shopping experience, innovative bars and restaurants, smart and modern offices, a concert and theatre hall with 3000 seats, a lifestyle hotel and wellness centre and a contemporary cinema complex (with 10 screens) is the perfect solution for what modern consumers want to do in their leisure time”.


Source: Pro-realestate.be

Pictures: Uplace

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