Veritas' Belgian Headquarters

Veritas needed a new HQ office, and that new office had to show and tell the company’s business. An important aspect of that is that one of their slogans is: “Do it Yourself “, which means that everyone should be able to design and create his own things that matches their own personality, without ever being mainstream.

This had a huge impact on the design concept of the new office, because we wanted to create an office in which the employees who work there are able to continue working on the interior, so that even their offices never get “out of style”. (for example: they are able to knit socks for the chairs, or make new pillows for the benches,etc..). We called it the “Virus” which makes people want to knit or sew or crochet things as soon as they enter the building, when they sit down for a second. The interior really shows that in it’s furniture and in it’s graphic visualizations. The entrance is actually a showroom where they can show their products to people who come in. Another big aspect of the design is the fact that the company history (it’s timeline) is integrated into the whole building, not only with pictures and text, but also with different types of furniture from different periods. No space is the same.

Source: Office snapshots 
Photography: An De Smedt

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