WeWatt - Human Powered Bike Furniture

We self-power people by turning human kinetic energy into usable power.
We enjoy and engage people by making them experience the pedal powered table to charge & share their own energy.

We fight the sitting disease by giving people energizing exercise in their daily life while travelling, working, meeting, reading or just relaxing.  

WeWatt is a cycling desk that comes in different options and designs. Please use the menu to explore all the features.

Source & Picture: wewatt.com
Picture: pilipili.be

Heldergroen Haarlem - Reaching for ultimate flexibility

Om 9 uur zakken grote tafels langzaam met computers en al naar beneden. Een frisse nieuwe werkdag kan beginnen! Aan het einde van de dag verdwijnen de werkplekken weer in het plafond. De ruimte is…

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